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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 19:58:59 +0200
"Now is the time for all to stand up and be counted... Don't ask what your
programming language can do for you, but what you can for your programming
language... Never in the history of human endeavour has some much been
accomplished by so few..." (If that doesn't stir you, then nothing will :-)

After months of collecting and filing your posts on the FBII and FB^3 beta
lists, the FB^3 FAQsheets are going into production this coming week!

Now, if you have a tip, trick or gotcha with FB^3 coding or the Editor that
you haven't yet posted, if you have the URL to a programming resource that
you couldn't live without that you haven't yet shared, if you have a tool
that makes FB^3 work at 200%... let us know!

Send all contributions to me privately at:
and please put 'FB^3 FAQsheets' or very similar in the Subject.

We'll be putting up a beta of these pages in a private place come the end of
the coming week (the URL will be posted here so watch this spot), and as
soon as you've all proofread them they'll be posted off to Bill for FB org,
and Alain for EuroFB org diffusion. We'll looking to a November deployment.

My mailbox thanks you in advance for the swamp of mail that will be arriving

(a euroFB coordinating committee steering group web page and FAQs
subdivision gnome, with special repsonsabilities for inventing really long
job titles for all euroFB members starting with himself)