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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 01:18:58 EDT
> ->>  I agree this error
>> Error: Missing End ')' Fix it...
>> in file MoiscopeLOG 25_All 92i.pi:MOISCOPELOG 25_ALL 92I.MAIN at line 
>930 in
>> Calc Start time and date
>> odestinateHandle&=FN NEWHANDLE(ofileSize&)
>> '~'
> --> I put ) correctly
>     this error message does not make sense!
>Is there any better error message that is educational?

Once an error has occurred in a line in FB^3, the compiler continues 
trying; this _often_ gives other errors on that same line that don't make 
sense. Short of setting the compiler to stop after the first error (which 
means another compile-cycle just to find the next one...) this is 
something we'll have to live with, unless Andy finds a way to "skip the 
rest of the line" once an error has appeared. However, _sometimes_ the 
second error on the line really is one.

It took me a few compiles to start automatically ignoring these, and the 
"pushlevel went negative" that means the compiler is totally confused by 
all the errors.

There is some discussion over on the beta list about making the compiler 
stop after "n" errors instead of continuing on, getting less and less 
meaningful; however, there are tradeoffs with this idea, and it's less 
critical than fixing incompatibilities and correcting typos in the