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From: RMMerrill@...
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 17:14:59 EDT
Below are the header lines of the Print All Edit Flds.BAS example from 
the FB^3 disc.

I have been unable to print any of the various edit fields from any of my 
various windows using this routine...

My question is:  Has anyone else used this routine and made it print all 
edit fields? I simply get crash after crash - used to work great under 
FBII but something is wrong in FB^3, so if it works for you, please let 
me know, as at this time I don't have any answers. Even with the latest 
FB^3. If it doesn't crash, it just prints a blank sheet of paper. :-(

// FutureBasic^3 Example Files
// Staz Software <http://www.stazsoftware.com>
// Updated 8/11/99 by Joe Kovac
//   This function will print all EDIT FIELDs and PICTURE FIELDs in the 
//   window.

        -=  Bob  (-: