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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 01:57:14 +0200
> Below are the header lines of the Print All Edit Flds.BAS example from 
> the FB^3 disc.

alain pastor has just finished an amazing job: he has verified *all* the
example files that come with FB^3 and corrected *most all* the typos etc.
This info has been passed on to Staz - who had to particpate in the effort
from time to time, as you can imagine - so i expect that as soon as Staz has
finished incorporating this enormous effort (there's no irony here - i see
alain regularly and he _looks_ exhausted) into his copies, these will appear
in an update.

more directly on your question: i have checked your posting against my
archives of the Euro-FB group where this exchange took place and can't find
any reference specifically to this file, although there are typos noted
concerning printing picture files, and questions about printing in general.

i would advise you to check to start by checking preference settings, then
get routines up and running to print one edit field, and see whether there
is a problem still in FB^3 somewhere - ideally get a code snippet that can
demonstrate a problem - or you may get things working on the way.
Finally I would suggest printing to file while testing, then drag the
docemnt to BBEdit (Lite) to examine the contents - this saves time and

Hope this gets you some part along the way
(today's tree-friendly gnome)