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From: "Pixmix (micronet)" <pixmix@...>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:31:28 +0200
jonathan wrote:

> > Below are the header lines of the Print All Edit Flds.BAS example from
> > the FB^3 disc.

> more directly on your question: i have checked your posting against my
> archives of the Euro-FB group where this exchange took place and can't find
> any reference specifically to this file, although there are typos noted
> concerning printing picture files, and questions about printing in general.


I've checked mine. In fact, I reported the problem to Staz concerning the file
Printer Edit Fields.Bas in Printer Output folder (I didn't try to build a
sample file with the routine mentionned above, but I think the problem would
show up in the same way) , here is my post:

Folder: Printer Output
File: Printer Edit Fields.Bas

No printing occurs. It seems that PICTURE FIELD and EDIT FIELD when routed to
printer don't work.

Another beta tester reported recently the same problem in the beta list, and
Andy replied that something was missing in the runtime. I bet this will be
fixed in a future release.