[futurebasic] Min & Max sizes.

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From: "Phil Yates" <phil.yates@...>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 18:21:59 +0600
> In fact, this is a very interesting topic. How do you determine - except by
> "trial and error", "guess and by golly methods" I've been using - the minimum
> preferred sizes to put in the Size Resource?
> Anyone have a good suggestion about this? A good way to start Sunday Morning!

Personally, I (and I suspect lots of other FB-ers) use RAM HighWater, which is
available all over the Internet. The Minimum should be what the program needs to
run with minimal resources, etc. loaded, and the max figure as much as will be
with all the resources loaded so you (or rather the resource manager) doesn't
have to page them in and out of Ram.