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From: BMichael@...
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 02:18:55 EDT
>Anders says:
>Did I miss something? Is there someplace where we mortals can download the
>latest version of FB^3?

No... only we immortals.  E:=)

(I'm _not_ speaking for Staz here, but in the interests of letting him 
just answer "no" and go back to work, I'll try to explain my perception 
of this issue.)

Seriously, the "inbetween" versions are _not_ something most folks would 
want to download. Sometimes they're great, other times, well, Staz puts 
up two versions in two days. The well-tested, stable, "release" versions 
are what the average FB^3 user wants, even if it means waiting a bit 
longer. Anything else runs the risk of deciding "this one is only minor 
changes away from the last tested one, so it's safe to distribute" - and 
then finding out that fixing "x" at the last minute broke "a" through 
"w", and 83 people have just downloaded it and are screaming. (Well, 61 
are screaming, 22 won't find the problem until a month from now, and 
won't download tomorrows fixed version in the meantime.)

Plus, from his viewpoint (besides not wanting the risk of allowing 
electronic downloads to the public) there's the problem of getting 
everybody to specify _exactly_ which version they're using. We can't even 
consistently get everybody on this list to state FB 1, FBII, or FB^3! The 
beta list, being much smaller, is more manageable - and it's _assumed_ 
that you've downloaded the latest, even if it was only posted an hour 
ago, unless you specify otherwise. For the general public, unless they 
tell you, you'd never know - most people _wouldn't_ be absolutely 
up-to-date. Speaking from (frequent) experience, there's absolutely 
nothing more frustrating than getting a problem report that you can't 
duplicate, spending hours on it trying, asking for more and more detail, 
then finally learning that the user is using a version three releases 

I suspect some "interim version" may be available before January (I don't 
know this, and obviously _I_ can't make any promises; I'm not Staz and 
I've never played him on TV; we haven't even talked about it). Whether 
it'd be another CD or just a "patch" app to download, who knows. I'd 
prefer the patch, personally, but then there's the new/modified examples 
and docs, so CD may be better... Regardless, there've been a lot of fixes 
and enhancements made, and 3.0.20 seems like a good candidate to let a 
lot of folks loose on; although obviously from the print-edit-field 
issue, Staz has made changes beyond 3.0.20, so _that_ version will need 
to go through the cycle... It all comes down to the tradeoff between 
effort (and maybe cost) involved in getting a new version out to 
everybody, and having one more version "out there" to track, versus 
continuing to work on it so the version widely released later will be 
even better.

The beta-list folks (and I'm excluding myself at this point, because I'm 
spending _my_ miniscule spare time working on something else... I haven't 
even downloaded 3.0.20 <cringe><whimper>) have become an integral part of 
the development cycle - some of the questions asked on _this_ list have 
migrated over there and become "try this" "works 68K in 3.0.12 on 8.1 but 
not 3.0.15 PPC on 8.6" "yes it does, at least on a PowerBook 2300, but 
crashes with a different error on a G3" "works on my G3" "I edited the 
runtime and added this..." "yes! and add this as well" "still crashes" 
"aha! it's an Adobe ATM conflict" "no, that's because you're on OS9" 
"never mind" conversations. Testing and retesting old fixes to make sure 
the new changes work everywhere, and didn't break something else... I'm 
_very_ proud of the whole group, and can tell you that if Staz & Andy 
(and Derek, Alain, Jonathan and some others) ever sleep, it must be in 
alternating 15-minute shifts! Most of the time, before any conversation 
can even get started on a problem report, Staz or Andy chime in "fixed"!

Tnx. :-)