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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 07:38:59 -0500
>>>When I start FB^3 by double-clicking source code "****.MAIN"
>>>FB^3 just open ****.MAIN
>>>I prefer that FB^3 editor try to search "pi" file in the same folder as
>>>If pi file is present, open all project.   (Same as FB2)
>>>If not just same as current FB^3 style.
>>>At a moment I always have to look for project file!
>>>Don't you think it is straightforward idea?
>> If we did that, then you would not be able to open a file somewhere on your
>> hard drive and copy a function out of it without opening the other project.
>> We _do_ open the project file when you open the ".MAIN". This was discussed
>> (but not necessarily resolved) some time ago. I won't be able to change it
>> in the short term, but if others want it, I can put it on the wish list.
>Thanks for your comment.
>This means pi file is quite important. We have to backup it in case of
>In FB2 era, pi file was often destroyed!
>Is there any way to recover pi file in FB^3 when pi file is destroyed?
>At a moment I make a new project with FB2 run-time, and add all source
>Otherwise new pi file does not recognize original source code.

The pi file is no longer automatically generated. (It can't be.) So a
backup file is a good idea.


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