[futurebasic] still just a little bit over the line... :+)

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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 14:36:28 EDT
paul said:
>   the FutureBasic II brochure 
>   he had received in a blind mailing of some kind 

yep, that's what got me in the tent, too.       :+)

$79 if i remember correctly.

whatever it was, the memories are fond.

as for modular coding,
long ago while still using msbasic on the p.c.
(to which i had migrated from my original osborne i)
i once got deep into while/wend loops,
and wrote some quite-long programs that
consisted completely of while/wend loops.

compiled into .exe's, they took a long time to load,
i presumed because the last wend statement 
was necessary to process the first while conditional,
not to mention everything in between being done completely.

however, once loaded, they _flew_.
(again, i presumed this was because 
the everything-in-between stuff had 
already been processed completely.)

of course, this isn't quite the same as
event-based mac-style programming,
but it's somewhat close conceptually.

nonetheless, in spite of these early efforts
_and_ the emergent wonderfulness of futurebasic,
i find that i am still able to write spaghetti code,
profusely, even when i refrain from using goto.           :+)

and i don't anticipate that that will change in fb3.