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From: BMichael@...
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 17:19:09 EDT
>Is it possible to "Train" the up & down arrows to scroll a scroll btn ..

Definitely. There are several demos out in "Sample Source" to do this; 
don't know the URL to one right off hand.

>I use the left & right arrow to go next page & previous page .. And at 
>present .. the Up arrow to go last page and down arrow to go first page
>BUT .. Now I'm thinking that "F" key to go 1st and "L" key to go last 
>with the Up & Down arrows to scroll would be better

Here's what I'd use:

  <-   = prior page
PageUp = prior page
  ->   = next page
PageDn = next page
 Home  = first page
  End  = last page
 Help  = index, if you don't have a help system
  Esc  = index
PrintScr (F13) = print screen, if you're feeling fancy!
up & down arrows to scroll within a page.

I would _NOT_ use letter keys for any of this unless it was as keyboard 
equivalents (with the command key down), as "F" and "L" doing anything 
other than putting an F or an L on the page is a HIG no-no.

If you're writing an entire electronic book "system", it's okay to assign 
special purpose keys; but for a "general application", it's probably a 
bad idea.

(Aside; if anybody has ever used the EDT editor on a VAX or Alpha, the 
numeric keypad is used for movement and such. It's a royal pain. "2" goes 
to end of line, "0" goes to start of next line, "-" deletes a word, "*" 
deletes a line... meanwhile, there's 15 perfectly-good function keys 
sitting across the top of the keyboard doing nothing - except F10, which 
is exit... and nobody can remember _what_ the keys do unless they use 
them every day. Worse, "Home" does a "find", "End" does a "select"...)