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From: "Dr. Steven J. Stratford" <sstratford@...>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 11:31:38 -0500
>Steve said:
>>I use FutureBASIC to
>>write CGI's. A CGI is called by the server with a set of parameters,
>>those parameters are parsed and action is taken, then a response is
>>put together and sent back to the server. Generally, if you take away
>>the parameter processing and response returning stuff, a CGI is just
>>one big case statement that's executed a single time (as quickly as
>>possible) and that's it. So I'm just curious if it's faster to
>>structure my case statement with goto, if then, or case. The
>>difference my be negligible, but it's worth asking if it saves a tick.
>I would like to know more about writing CGI's with FB. Such as: Is this
>like Java? How does this work? Where does your code reside after you write
>your program? How do you get (or do you need) permission from the server?

I run my own Mac server. A CGI is a pre-compiled application, not a 
runtime compiled script like Perl. It receives Appleevents from 
WebStar, the server software, and returns responses via Appleevents.

http://www.internetyx.com/tcgi/fbtcgi.html contains sample CGI apps, 
and a framework for writing threaded (asynchronous) CGIs. Currently 
the framework is only FBII (68k) compatible.


>I think that internet applications could be the most important function for
>a language today.
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