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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 12:24:06 -0700
Hi Steve,

Took a quick trip to your site. It's hicupped for some reason. You might might
might want to check it out. I think it was caused by some "Banner" advertising.
Everything was OK until I used a second link from the site and then the Banner
was at the top and all of the info about how to do things was shoved off to the
right. Everything was there until I clicked something to go back, at which time
there were a whole lot of dashes on the left side and I could not scroll
horizontally to see "ALL" of your stuff. I know this isn't real helpful
information. It happened so unexpectedly that my powers of observation were
caught off guard. Hope it help a little bit!

Joe Wilkins

"Dr. Steven J. Stratford" wrote:

> >Steve said:
> >
> >>I use FutureBASIC to
> >>write CGI's. A CGI is called by the server with a set of parameters,
> >>those parameters are parsed and action is taken, then a response is
> >>put together and sent back to the server. Generally, if you take away
> >>the parameter processing and response returning stuff, a CGI is just
> >>one big case statement that's executed a single time (as quickly as
> >>possible) and that's it. So I'm just curious if it's faster to
> >>structure my case statement with goto, if then, or case. The
> >>difference my be negligible, but it's worth asking if it saves a tick.
> >
> >
> >I would like to know more about writing CGI's with FB. Such as: Is this
> >like Java? How does this work? Where does your code reside after you write
> >your program? How do you get (or do you need) permission from the server?
> I run my own Mac server. A CGI is a pre-compiled application, not a
> runtime compiled script like Perl. It receives Appleevents from
> WebStar, the server software, and returns responses via Appleevents.
> http://www.internetyx.com/tcgi/fbtcgi.html contains sample CGI apps,
> and a framework for writing threaded (asynchronous) CGIs. Currently
> the framework is only FBII (68k) compatible.
> --Steve
> >
> >I think that internet applications could be the most important function for
> >a language today.
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