[futurebasic] blow-up routine

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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 18:05:21 EDT
tedd said:
>   A window with size of 
>   (0,0)-(310,510) 
>   just covers the frame.

for the sake of round-number sanity,
i designed windows at 500*300.
this gives the user finder access, too.

at least i designed at 500*300
back when i still designed windows
for that inferior screen-size.        :+)
(e.g., about a year ago, i guess,
when my last poor friend finally
upgraded to a real screen-size.)

i love the se30, don't get me wrong, but
let's figure out how to hook it up to a real monitor.

just my opinion...      :+)

p.s.  coming to the list soon,
a "blow-up" routine that will
size a graphics-and-text window
to full-screen, no matter what size.