[futurebasic] Re: [FB] [FB^3] Naming of "RnTm FBII.incl"

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From: "Masakazu Nakao" <PGA02150@...>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 22:34:40 +0900
Hi Chris,

>>I think "RnTm FBII.incl" is a bad naming.
>>"RnTm FBfull.incl" or something sounds better.
>>I agree that this is easy to understand for FBII users.
>>Since new user starting from FB^3 misunderstand this is old style.
>>But actually full featured version.
> New users will probably use the lite runtime or (when it is available) the
> class libraries. FBII is just for backward compatibility. In toher words,
> it is OK that only FBII users understand it.
>>What is RnTm object.INCL ?
>>Is there any description about it in anywhere ?
> It is our starting set of class libraries. We are still working on it.

Thank you.   Your naming "RnTm FBII.incl" is quite right.

Now I understand Staz's strategy.

If so, where is the reference for FB^3 lite runtime?

Right side icons on each Keyword title in the reference manual
indicate  the commands supported either
RnTm FBII.incl" or  "RnTm lite.incl" ?

Is this correct?