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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 19:47:38 -0700
AlStaff@... wrote:

> >Don't know exactly why you are using QuickTime if it is just to play music.
> >Use FB's SOUND Statements/FNs and you side-step the whole controller issue.
> >Otherwise???
> QuickTime is used to play midi and wav files.

Understand Al. Most of the time when I'm using them, I only want snippets of 10
to 15 seconds, so I import them into SoundEdit16, edit them and save them as
numbered Resources that I can then Play with SOUND "NoX", selected "pseudo"
randomly. They are still big - no - huge, but I wasn't aware there might be a
more efficient way to do this until an hour or so ago. Although, I just may be
that "idiot" for which Derek says his MIDWorld is "proofed". We'll see!

I do save them as .WAV files for use with my Visual Basic Versions. There they
have a series of API calls, one of which is PlaySound (blah, blah) which I have
to admit are quite versatile. Of course they are not Visual Basic Routines,
they are Windows API (Equivalent to Mac ToolBox) routines. All copied from the
Mac - or mostly.


Joe Wilkins