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From: R Weisling <zetalink@...>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 19:46:23 +0700
Hi -- I just joined this mail list, and this subject was already 
rolling, but I think it might be well aligned with my question.

I would like to be able to play WAV files from FB by only knowing the 
filename. That is, if my application knows the name of the WAV file, 
I'd like to be able to play the sound with a minimum of hassle.

I can recreate 'sfil' or 'snd ' resources from WAV, of course, the 
latter playable directly with SOUND, but since my application is a 
kind of script player, which may well play the same scripts (text 
files) on a Windows environment someday (with a new player 
application made with VB), we want to make it easy to move the 
scripts and their supporting WAV files between platforms.

I realize that the data part of WAV and 'snd ' resources are 
identical -- just the headers are different and the WAV is in the 
data fork.

What is the best way?

BTW, the scripts run an automatic testing system that gets 
commandsfrom the scrip processor (the FB application) via the serial 
port, with the sounds being operator alerts and other heads-up info. 
If you stood and tested widgets all day, you'd likely make mistakes 
reading alerts on the screen, so sounds are considered very valuable, 
and their "color" is far more effective than coloring text in an 
alert. Here I mean "color" to be the speaker (male/female) and 
accompaniment of sound effects. Works well in games -- people playing 
seldom miss such aural clues.

TIA --

Raymond Weisling
Zetalink Technology Indonesia, Ltd.