[futurebasic] [FBII] Type 1 Error

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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 11:45:57 -0700
Hi All,

The only problem I've been having with my Games is a very "rare occasional" Type
1 Error, which is a Bus Error at FFCA7634_stSearchTab+00284 while reading long
word from 696E6974 in Supervisor data space.

Actually, I've had two of these spaced three days apart and after many reboots
for various reasons; yet the Macsbug data produced is IDENTICAL. I have made a
number of changes to the program in the mean time. I am assuming, at this point,
that it is a ROM Bug? and not a problem with MY/FB Code. Is this logical and what
do the PROS out there think should be done about it. The occurence has maybe been
once in 50 or more plays of the game. Is this something I "should/have to" live
with or can it be fixed?

I have not been able to associate it with any specific activity. Macsbug
indicates that it is in the ROM at _stSearchTab+00284...

The disassembly indicates this at that point:

*MOVE.L   A0,-$0220(A6)         |2D48

Just prior to this was a JSR ([SetUpStretch])    |4EBO

I appreciate ANYONE'S help/input on this.

Joe Wilkins