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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 17:33:57 +0200
> jonathan wrote:
>> If you could include Appearance manager stuff, tabs etc, this could be a
>> real neat app!
> Well, I am taking note of all suggestions and ideas and will be adding them
> to FutureFrames (free updates!).


I really do appreciate this. It is a path that I also followed with 'Looks'
version 1 & 2 - which as soon as I have time to clear up I should be
releasing as DP. But I didn't use standard widgets*.

What I really wanted to do was combine this with 'ScriptActions', of which
the demo exists on some FB sites, in order to make an entirely visual tool -
sort of RB meets VIP!

It would have used a native format of internal data until the user chose
'Export' and whoosh the FB code would be generated (allowing your have the
RB type programming an widget, but FB readable code!)

Time (life, little white mice and people like Ford Prefect), as well as my
inability, stopped this project from advancing - I was also waiting for ways
to get AppleScriptability into there... so that was looong.

> I realize that this seems like a shameless promotion of FutureFrames, but I
> really think that the users of FutureBasic have a lot to gain with it. For
> years I tried to find such an application with no luck. So I decided to
> write it myself. I can'thelp but think that other FutureBasic users would love
> it as well!

Since then I have been reincarnated as a gnome of sorts and have no time to
program! One of these days I shall grow up and see what can happen...
perhaps this'd be a neat idea to wrap around an 'object' FB...

(a widgeted gnome)

* the term widget is used to designate standard Mac objects: buttons,
windows, fields - but that are not implented in source code as 'objects' as
in OOP.

PS. If I take to long to post news about DP availablity of Looks,
ScriptActions or any other of my code relics, and you would be interested in
pouring over it  (and shaking your head in mirth) - don't hesitate to mail
me privately including a good nudge with the elbow in your mail.