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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 13:15:44 -0400
>I may have to make a rather unpolished serial port snooper for
>in-house debugging use. But before I do, fearing reinvention of the
>wheel, I thought I'd ask if anyone know if such a program existed as
>shareware or freeware.
>About 7-8 years ago I found and downloaded one of these, but don't
>seem to have it any longer and so far haven't found one in searching
>the web. But who knows, maybe one is out there.
>The common Mac has two serial ports; for this never mind one-port
>powerbooks and the new USB Macs. I minimally need to have this
>snooper show all communications on both ports, both acting as input
>ports. Then I can connect these between another Mac (or PC) and a
>connected serial device like a modem. The snooper is a "wire tap"
>device that records both sides of the I/O.
>Ideally the program would support triggering to start and stop
>recording, but that is not vital. (Triggering is defining one or more
>bytes in a sequence to watch for, and if present, to use it to start
>or stop the display buffer filling. It is somewhat like a trigger on
>a logic analyzer or oscilloscope.)
>Of course it needs to have some serial port options like baud rate and parity.
>If none exists and I have to roll my own "wheel", what is the maximum
>receive speed that I can expect a Quadra-series Mac to receive via a
>FB application? Will it reliably grab 28.8 or 38.4 kbps? Two ports at
>once? Any special FB tricks to watch for?
>Thanks for any suggestions.
>Ray Weisling


Check out CommSleuth (formally CommSpy). Their link is:


The program does what you want.


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