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From: Peter Bancroft <pbancroft@...>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 10:04:19 +1000
Tedd wrote:
>I'm trying to use a small popup menu for selecting what the user wants to
>print from a database (i.e., several fields). The popup filter in PG Pro
>will setup a popup menu very nicely. However, the PG Pro popup is set such
>that the user can select only one of the items shown in the popup. However,
>I want to use the popup so that the user can select any, and all,
>combinations of the items listed in the popup. Additionally, I want the
>popup to show a check mark beside every item the user selects and I can't
>seem to get that to work.

Not part of Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Popups are designed to select
one item from a list, eg Baud Rate.

Sounds like you need an array of check boxes, or two EFs the left
containing the list and the right the selection from the list EF (FMP uses
this for its sort by... dialog).

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