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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 14:50:09 -0400
Bill said:

>Just have a button on your "main" window open another window with all the
>checkboxes, and put a "done" button on it that closes it and tells your
>main window to display the choices selected...

Of course. I have another window which opens when the user wants to print a
portion of the data set. However, the problem lies in the amount of choices
that the user can make.

For example: The user may select to print telephone data in either TEL-1,
TEL-3, or TEL-3 data-sets. That's simple enough to solve, just place check
boxes for each TEl-1,2,3 data-sets. However, each of these TEL data-sets
can have any sets of the following fields:

Set A

   "Free 1"
   "Free 2"
   "Free 3"
   "Free 4"
   "Free 5"
   "Free 6"

OR Set B


OR Set C

   "Phone 1"
   "Phone 2"
   "Phone 3"

OR Set D...

Now, if I want to have the user pick which fields in each data-set, then I
guess that I could add a check box for each of the above (while knowing
that it could range from 4 to 9 check boxes). However, the above
demonstrated only one choice (i.e., the telephone data) -- there is also
the business card data, memo data, schedule data, reminder data, expense
data and sketch data. Each of those data-sets have various fields that the
user may select. I was hoping that I could present the user with:

Telephone [] TEL-1 [] TEL-2 [] TEL-3  POPUP (showing all the subsets)
Business  [] BUS-1 [] BUS-2 [] BUS-3  POPUP (showing all the subsets)
... and so on

But now, I'll have to go back to thinking. I might have to create a window
for each data-set -- yuck!


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