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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 19:22:17 -0400
>Tedd said
>>Not to complain, but what I have found
>>will take as much work to understand as it will to modify it for my own
>>use. In other words, I'm getting too lazy for this thinking stuff.
>How about something in between a popup and a window.


Thanks for your input. The selection is not as neat as you propose. Setting
A, or B, or C comes with the type of personal organizer the user has. My
program MacBOSS deals with over 50 different types of personal organizers
-- each has its own "Name, Address, Phone, FAX, or whatever" settings. They
are not all standard. For example, some don't have a FAX, but instead have
three Telephone fields. While others have a Memo field in the Telephone
data set as well as having a Memo field in the Memo data set. It's

All I want to do is when the user wants to print his/her data, I want to be
able for him/her to select which fields he/she wants to print -- such as
Name, Address, Tel Number but not FAX and Free 1-6 fields. It's not an
insolvable problem, just a messy one with that much data and so little

While everyone was thinking for me, I solved the problem with creating a
window for each data set. When the user wants to print the telephone
records, for example, I present him/her with a modal window that contains
all the data fields (check boxes) associated with his/her unit re the
feature he/she is in. While it was a big task in constants, it worked out
reasonably well.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. It's nice to bounce things off others.


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