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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 07:27:02 -0700
Hi Ian,

You might want to take a look at the doDialog evnt% = _MFEvent, id% =
_mfResume and the doDialog evnt% = _wndActivate. (By take a look, I mean call
your refresh FN from them too.)

These are probably the events being called by FB when you're not getting the
"refreshing" that you are expecting.

Joe Wilkins

Ian Mann wrote:

> I have a window that does not refresh itself when it is clobbered, when
> the application is in the background.
> The window has no edit fields, and just one scroll button. Everything
> else is drawn and refreshed (redrawn) on _wndRefresh.
> I have a horrible suspicion that this question has been previously
> addressed, if so just point me in the right direction. ??
> Thanks in advance
> Ian Mann
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