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From: Chris.Young@...
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:03:52 -0500

You are correct! (Sorry Ed! <g>). Actually, it ran either way, and it 
also ran without defining OSStatus, but instead returning a short per 
your original example. The existing "TLBX Appearance.incl" also returns 
shorts for the Appearance functions, even tho the C header file looks 
like it uses OSStatus (defined as an SInt32, or long in the MacTypes.h 
header). I believe that "TLBX Appearance.incl" is included in the later 
FB^3 betas, in FB Extensions:Compiler:Headers. I know I haven;t been 
explicitly putting it there.

Chris Young

On Monday, October 25, 1999 9:12 AM, jktr@... 
[SMTP:jktr@...] wrote:
> Subject:     Re: [FB] [FB3] Out of Focus
> Sent:        10/25/99 8:19 AM
> To:          PepeToo@...
> >Jay, be glad to oblige; I have a 6500 Running System 8.0, but I 
haven't been
> >able to locate the TBLX include file. Where is it?
> >
> Thanks, Joe (and everyone),
> Oops, I thought it was included on the FB^3 disk, but apparently it 
came from a later Beta. Try putting this at the top of the code:
> ' These definitions are copied from
> ' "TLBX Appearance.incl"
> Library "AppearanceLib"
> #define OSStatus as long
> Toolbox Fn RegisterAppearanceClient = OSStatus `0x303C,0x0015,0xAA74
> Toolbox FN DrawThemeFocusRect (@Rect, boolean) = OSStatus 
> Toolbox FN DrawThemeFocusRegion(RGNhandle, boolean) = OSStatus 
> library
> Also, I should have specified the lite runtime to provide a window.
> The code that Chris Y. said he ran successfully used the incl, but I 
think he got it to work with this, too. Am I right, Chris? I know zip 
about library calls, so all I can do is cut and paste code.
>  0"0
>  =J= a  y
>   "
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