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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 08:04:17 -0700
Regarding Ray's comment about PG, I would echo bowerBird's comment about
lacking familiarity with it; but would add one further note: One of the main
things I disliked about PG was having everything prefaced with the letters
"pg"; it made everything so much more difficult to read. I realize there was a
VERY GOOD reason for doing that; but, at the same time, I wish it could have
been handled differently.

I have that same complaint with some other programming techniques used in the
C, C++ world - polish notation, reverse polish notation, etc.... I like the
VARs in my program to be created by me and I find prefixes really confusing. I
can handle the "g" for globals, but not a lot more. Then the VARs have meaning
TO ME. I dislike Libraries for that very same reason. Generic VARs can be real
indecipherable. I'd almost prefer that we used algebraic "x" and "y" type
notation, which "clearly" says to my brain "these could be anything - you
figure it out"; instead of: "I've got this all worked out, you just need to
figure out what I mean".

Sorry for the "soap-box". Age does "miraculous" things to us!

Joe Wilkins