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From: Brian Stevens<brilor@...>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 08:36:57 -0700
>2. In that sense, I see that a text field, using EDIT$(id) =
>&ZTEXTHandle& can only handle a maximum of 32k char. Is it possible
>to go above the 32k limit?

ZTEXT handle for 32K is the largest amount of data possible with an EDIT
field. EDIT field uses TEXTEDIT and it has the same size limit. As you
probably already know, you can obtain your own storage (newhandle,newptr)
or use CLEAR/INDEX$ to avoid the size limits imposed by TEXTEDIT. Also, the
WASTE engine was published on the FB PowerPak (see list mom for more info)
and it doesn't have any limits but might not be appropriate for your needs.