[futurebasic] Re: Window stays Hi-lighted still no go

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From: Michael Davey <mdavey@...>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 08:07:42 -0600
I'm still stuck on the window stays hi-lighted problem. As a recap to what
I have, PG project, two windows, one as a background window the other as a
palette, when I switch out to the finder or other app. the main window
doesn't change to gray, it stays hi-lighted.

I did try using _KeepWndAcvtive as shown here on the _otherSwitch event
from PG:

SELECT gSubAction
  CASE _otherSwitch
    SELECT gDialogValue
      CASE _mfSuspend
        Hide Pallette  'sorry forgot what the code was but have it right in
the real thing
        WINDOW (MainWindow),,,_Doc-_KeepWndActive
      CASE _mfResume
        Show Pallette  'same sorry as above
        WINDOW (MainWindow),,,_Doc+_KeepWndActive

I could get this to work on a test project I made (one window, one palette,
nothing else) but not on the real program I'm working on. Is this the right
track or I'm I all wet.

What really bugs me is that this must come up with every PG project that
uses a window set to Keep in background ie. any project that uses palettes.
This must have been solved many, many times before. The Staz guys are
always so elegant in making things work that I can't beleave they missed
this, so I'm sure I'm the one not understanding.

Pulling my hair out (what's left of it) in Wisconsin

>>I have a simple PG project I'm working on, all has been well until I added
>>a floating palette. The project is really only one main window and a
>>palette. All is working well with the two windows until i switch out to
>>another application or the Finder. When the switch happens the main window
>>stays hi-lighted.
>>I was under the understanding that the PG runtime code takes care of this,
>>but maybe I'm wrong. The main window is marked as a background window in PG
>>so the palette works.
>>Any help is greatly appreciated.
>Try finding the window codes and setting the window attribute to
>I think that will do it.

              Mike Davey   aka   MAC MAN Macintosh Graphics
               check it out at http://www.vbe.com/~mdavey