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From: "Eric Parks" <parks@...>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 99 11:44:04 EDT
I don't understand what autoclip is doing or is supposed to do.  In the
following program, the button appears through the filled box, but the edit
field doesn't.  I thought autoclip = _true should protect both buttons and
edit fields from drawing and autoclip = -false should allow overwriting. 
Also, the program works the same whether autoclip is set to _true or _false.
Can someone explain what is going on?  rntm FBII.Incl

end globals
window 1,"",(0,0)-(300,300),_doc
autoclip = _true
button 1,_enable,"button",(30,30)-(100,100),_radio
edit field 1,"edit field",(30,110)-(130,130),_statframed

box fill 0,0 to 200,200

until programStops