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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 19:20:38 +0200
> Hi gang:
> This isn't direct FB related, but in a way it is -- if you develop programs
> for resale.
> Does anyone have a link to a Mac History page -- like when the first Mac
> was made and what system it ran -- as well as subsequent hardware and OS
> developments? I need to set minimum requirements for my program.
> For example, I just had a person who tried to run my MacBOSS program on an
> old Mac Plus without a hard drive and complained that he had to do the
> "floppy shuffle" between the system OS and MacBOSS diskettes. As such, he
> couldn't get it to run!
> Now, I've said that my program's only requirements is that it runs on a
> machine that has system 7, or better. As such, I think that I'm safe in my
> claim. The aforementioned user problem was working with system 6.
> I know that last week, or so, we talked about minimum monitor size
> requirements for a new program -- but I never dreamed that someone would be
> using an ancient Mac (without a hard drive) which required a 800k
> application diskette that also contained the MacOS. Go figure -- those
> critters are still out there being used.
> In any event, I'm trying to determine the minimum requirements I should
> claim for my program.
> Thanks.

No, but have you tried the freeware GURU app. It is available from public
download sites and from newer technology - the makers (be careful newer
recently got cut in half with technology going one way, and memory - the
folks who do GURU - going another.)

It lists practically all known macs, facts, features, factoids and other
stuff. Including a mass of clones that never even reached Europe!

I believe that there used to be a Hypercard stack that someone put out that
was similar - just Mac, no clones - and as I haven't seen it for a while...
it may no longer be up-to-date.

(macophile gnome)