[futurebasic] FB^3 Reference Manual Hardcopies

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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 22:11:01 -0700

We have had FB^3, with its eDoc Reference Manual for a few weeks now.

The American/English Version has just about reached "perfection"  *-)

Since I have a client who is in the business of Printing eStuff in large
quantities and fast, I decided to see if I could get the eDoc Reference Manual
printed at a reasonable price; particularly since this client "owes" me "big"
for my "loyal, undying service" to them for over 10 years.

It will come to you as a package of 3 hole punched, 24# Standard Bond pages,
Xerox copied in Black Toner on both sides, suitable for a standard 3 Ring Binder
(or a couple of them if you wish) and organized so that you can use Tabbed
Dividers in any manner you see fit. Note 24# is heavier than you normally use,
so it should hold up pretty good and, if you wear out certain pages, you'll be
able to replace them with new copies that you make yourselft that include all of
your underlining and cross reference notations intact.

This can be yours for Christmas if you would like or, more likely, by
Thanksgiving for those of us who celebrate with Turkey and the Trimmings.

We don't as of this moment know the "exact" number of pages it will take and
there are, apparently, a few ancillary pages that it might be nice to have
printed as well. The target at this time is to print a total of not more than
400 sheets (give or take a few) and to ship them off to you for the grand total
of $35.00 including postage and handling in the continental U.S. plus a small
additional fee for postage and handling outside of the continental U.S. This
will accomodate the entire Reference Manual, but what else we are not sure at
this time. The Current eDoc has a bit of "white space" that we don't intend to

So, what do we need? We need a count to make sure that YOU WANT THIS. Send your
name/city/state as the Subject in an eMail to:

PepeToo1@... (That's a "one" after the PepeToo).

Try to do this as soon as possible. I'll report back as soon as I see whether
the response is strong enough to make it worth doing. We won't need a VERY large
number in order to do this, so get your eMails to me soon. I already have the
List Mom's Order. As always Bill is #1. I will post the Payment Details along
with a form to use as soon as I have a reasonable response. Yes, you will be
able to use Major Credit Cards.

Send any comments XFB to the list. This IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER.

Joe Wilkins