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From: pochas <pochas@...>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 11:01:12 -0400
  Here is a subroutine that paginates edit field text by using the "line
starts" table in every TE record  and blockmoving 49 line sections out
of the record and into the print record.  It then slaps a Styl format
onto the end of the record and prints it.  This was necessary because
printing ZText handles does not recognise the "Window" text settings,
thus the formatting of the printed text is otherwise unpredictable.
FBII only, for now, pending the "route" statement fix.  The Styl format
was created by making a TEXT resource with resEdit, typing some text,
selecting all the text, and formatting it as desired.  The Styl resource
is created automatically, and the TEXT resource can then be deleted.
  The width of text on the page is determined by the edit field width on
the screen, so set this appropriately first and do a TEUpdate.
  Charles P.

LOCAL FN printRept
  DIM wndPtr&, wTitle$, inHndl&, myHnd&, done%, pg%
  DIM nLine%, nLines%, err%, start%, theEnd%, size%
  DIM rHnd&, pgStr$
    DEF LPRINT                                    'print... dialog box
    LONG IF PRCANCEL = _false                     'cancel button
      wndPtr& = FN FRONTWINDOW
      CALL GETWTITLE(wndPtr&,wTitle$)
      inHndl& = TEHANDLE(1)
      myHnd& = FN NEWHANDLE(_maxInt)
      done% = 0
      pg% = 0
      nLine% = 0
      nLines% = inHndl&..teNLines%
        err% = FN SETHANDLESIZE(myHnd&, _maxInt)
        LONG IF nLine% + 49 >= nLines%
          theEnd% = {[inHndl&] + _teLines + 2 * nLines%}
          done% = _zTrue
          theEnd% = {[inHndl&] + _teLines + 2 * nLine% + 98}
        END IF
        start% = {[inHndl&] + _teLines + 2 * nLine%}
        size% = theEnd% - start%
        nLine% = nLine% + 49
        BLOCKMOVE [[[inHndl&] + 62]] + start%, [myHnd&] + 2, size%
        err% = FN SETHANDLESIZE(myHnd&, size% + 2)
        %[myHnd&], size%
        rHnd& = FN GETRESOURCE(_"styl", 128)
        err% = FN HANDANDHAND(rHnd&, myHnd&)
        LONG IF pg% > 1 OR NOT done%
          pgStr$ = "Page " + STR$(pg%)
          pgStr$ = ""
        END IF
        ROUTE 128
        TEXT _monaco, 10
        EDIT FIELD #1,wTitle$,(36,54)-(WINDOW(_width),69),_noFramed
        EDIT FIELD #2, pgStr$, (WINDOW(_width) - 126,36)-(WINDOW(_width)
- 54,69),_noFramed,_rightJust
        EDIT FIELD #-3,&myHnd&,(36,74)-(WINDOW(_width),WINDOW(_height)),
        ROUTE 0
        LONG IF NOT done%
          CLEAR LPRINT
        END IF
      UNTIL done%
      err% = FN DISPOSHANDLE(myHnd&)
    END IF