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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 23:19:37 EDT
>> US paper sizes are different to European sizes. Over here (UK) we can
>> get two ring binders and four ring binders. Not three ring binders. I
>> used tyo have a couple from when I lived/worked in Mississippi, but I
>> can't find them.
>> I am sure that ex US FBers would be grateful for the option to have the
>> appropriate number of binders shipped with the manuals. Nice sturdy ones
>> that will take heavy use. (and pay for them)
>> Thanks for organising this. E-Docs always seem great in principal, but I
>> prefer paper.

Note that the original message said "US/English"... all "foreign" 
distribution (Spanish, French, German, UK English) is in the hands of the 
FB-Euro group. I'm sure Joe would be willing to ship a set of US manuals 
over there (we left the foreign-shipping stuff in for Canada, etc...) but 
I think the Euro group is going to have something that'd be more in line 
with what you really want. So those of you in the UK etc. might want to 
wait a day or two for FB-Euro to respond to these messages, before paying 
the extra shipping to get a set from here!

If I'm wrong and they aren't planning on printing manuals, I'm sure some 
gnome will speak up and let us know. :-)