[futurebasic] Several FB^3 points

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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 01:20:17 EST
>Staz, does the above ( rntm FBII.Incl ) mean that FB^3 actually uses
>some of the 68k code from FBII?

I think Staz missed seeing this one, so I'll answer - no, it's a complete 
rewrite, but the goal of the FBII runtime is to be as compatible as 
possible with FBII code, while still allowing PPC compiles. You can 
actually examine the FBII runtime; it ships as source and gets compiled 
into your app. That allows easy upgrades, and even self-customization.

>INKEY$ is gone in FB^3

That statement migrated to the beta list, to try to find the best 
workaround, but... That's news to Andy! I'm not sure where this 'rumor' 
came from. INKEY$ is still there, documented on page 266 of the Reference 
Manual. In fact, the icons at the top of the page indicate that it's 
available both in the FBII runtime and in the "lite" runtime. I also went 
back through the Conversion manual to make sure _I_ hadn't goofed up and 
mentioned it as gone... nope!

>How fast is FB^3? Is it worth the upgrade?

Over on the beta list, a tester said:
>On the "simple maths" test, FB2 managed an average of 16,122 iterations on my
>G3/466. FB3 - 68K was better, but in the same ballpark.
>FB3 managed 637,485 iterations. I make this just over 3954% faster.

Your milage may vary. :-)