[futurebasic] TAN: seeking Macsbug (hack) assistance

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From: Zetalink Technology <zetalink@...>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 17:20:20 +0700
I have a problem. We have a commercial application that we have been 
using for over a decade, a cross assembler for MC68HC05 
microcontrollers. The company that made it has vanished without a 
trace. The last version we have is from 1993.

Starting with OS8 it doesn't work properly. I think the problem is 
minor, since once out of 10-20 launches it is fine. But most of the 
time, as soon as you click on another application window or the 
finder (or even use the application menu, upper right), it gets stuck 
beeping the system alert, and has to be force-quit, no crashes and 
you can launch it again, repeatedly. The fact that it can run once in 
a while, perfectly, says that the problem is not fatal. We still use 
it, but this problem makes it hard to switch processes and edit 
source code (it has an editor, but we love Nisus Writer, b/c we can 
style text to our hearts content; such help is a great help with 
5000-line assembler programs <g>).

I think that it can be hacked and patched, but I lack the experience 
to dig for this. 68000 assembler is not in my bag. At the same time 
it would be nice to disable the simple copy protection scheme, which 
we work around anyway (just clumsy). If anyone doesn't believe that 
this company has vanished, I challenge you to find its existence on 
the web or anywhere else. The About flash screen clearly lists the 
name and location (Loveland, Ohio). At the time they closed shop, 
another company tried to buy their source code, but they refused, so 
this is effectively public domain software. The other company also 
has a similar product, now also in public domain, but it has enough 
minor syntax differences to make fixup of lots of files in our 
library tedious, and it is freeware as-is, no longer supported as 

If anyone is willing to give a shot at this, e-mail me off list and 
we can discuss it further. Help save me from having to do all this 
under Windows, where we'd probably lose the ability to submit styled 
text to an assembler. (Thanks to Nisus for putting all style info in 
resource fork, filetype = TEXT.)

Sorry to intrude this tangent into this nice list.

Ray Weisling