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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 18:46:30 +0100
> jonathan said:
>>   This may be the eDoc versions, 
>>   or may be a complete new format, specially for print

and bowerbird replied:
> can you say more about your thoughts on this?
this is not my thoughts, this was an extract
from an on-going discussion amongst Euro-Fbers,
altough that I'll admit that my suggestion
(promptly cried down by my elders and betters)
was to transfer the whole thingamajungle to XPress
reformat with love and print from that.

> one of the beauties of edoc is that
> you don't need to do two different versions,
> one for print, one for the screen.
> also, the edoc authors programmed a 640*480 option
> (at my request) to facilitate on-screen reading.
> however, you can print these "screen-sized pages"
> two-up when you docutech them, and it works slick.

We will of course test this on consenting dead trees first
and look for an elegant solution.
One of the advantages of print over paper is that by having one entry per
page, updates and notes can be inserted... but as I said,
this is an on-going debate - and concerns Europe, not the US...
and if someone starts a gray market of Euro docs in the US
Staz may just take up that gnome-pinning stick he keeps
just inside his back door and...

(meek non-consenting gnome)