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From: Brian Jones <misterpink@...>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 09:10:32 -0600
Yeah, I know the code should work.  Just to check to see if I was doing something
stupid, I typed it up real quick on my PowerBook and it worked fine.  The problem is
either my version of the system software (7.0.1) or the SE.  And the stuff about the
loops and the window dimensions isn't applicable.  The code I just typed up as an
example of wasn't working, the actual code is a little bit more attractive, though
user-friendliness is not the goal of this particular app.


>>I ran the following code on my Powertower Pro and it worked fine. Only
>>difference from yours is the addition of the loop so the window stays

>>DIM rect.8

>>WINDOW #1,,(0,0)-(100,100)
>>CALL SETRECT(rect,0,0,100,100)
>>COLOR _zBlack

>>COLOR _zWhite
>>PRINT "This won't print."

>>I have a Mac SE that I can fire up if there is still a problem. Let me know.