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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 20:02:02 -0800
Maybe we need to encourage the guy(s) at Morrison Designs to encorporate the
Appearance Manager Objects into their Future Frames; then we would almost ALL
certainly be inclined to use their product - at which I have just peeked for a
moment or two, but which looks promising.

Joe Wilkins

Ken Shmidheiser wrote:

>  From my understanding of Apple's documentation "Programming with the
> Appearance Manager", (Chapt. 3, Page 42) before you can incorporate
> Appearance Manager compliant controls (I particularly want to use the
> tabs and panes) you must "register" your app as a "client" with
> Appearance Manager.
> Here's a quote from the documentation:
> "After determining that the Appearance Manager is present, but prior
> to initializing or drawing any onscreen elements or invoking any
> definition functions, you should register your program as client of
> the Appearance Manager by calling the function
> RegisterAppearanceClient (page 68), which is all many programs need
> to do to be theme-compliant.
> "You should call RegisterAppearanceClient in order to receive
> Appearance Manager Apple events..."
> This is the official Pascal function:
> pascal OSStatus RegisterAppearanceClient (void);
> The correct response is:
> OSErr (which = 0)
> My question is: How can you implement a function like this in FB^3?
> I have a feeling it may take this form:
> LOCAL PASCAL FN RegisterAppearanceClient
> 'Do the assembly language stuff here
> (I see PASCAL is a defined FB^3 word, but I can't find any
> documentation on it. Also, I noticed that Staz and Andy chose not to
> use Appearance Manager controls in FB^3, preferring to roll their
> own.)
> There have been several requests here for Appearance Manager info,
> but so far few responses. I think that's sad, because it appears that
> Appearance Manager compliance will become increasingly important as
> MacOS evolves. From my understanding of the Apple documentation,
> Appearance Manager has the potential of easing programming,
> particularly with grouped elements. It offers access to
> professionally designed controls and objects that we have gone
> through hoops and barrels trying to create in FB.
> I remain optimistic that some creative solutions will be forthcoming.
> Ken
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