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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 15:30:34 -0800
Hi Phil,

Are you using the FB SpeakText Assembly FNs?  I've had great success with them,
although I have yet to get any of them to speak acceptably in a foreign
language where every word needs phonetic manipulation.

Are the phrases/words to be spoken known in advance or are they "user input"
that must then be identified and "spoken"? Stupid question; otherwise you would
not be asking the question you have; so, assuming the latter, since you would
at least "know" the 50 or so "iffy" words, why not store the "input" into an
INDEX$ string array, one word per element? Then you could set up some Case
Statements to compare each element of the array with your "iffy" words,
replacing the elements with the "phonetically modified" words when a match was
found and then reassembling the "user input" from the "revised" elements of the
array. Depending on how "clever" your Case Statements are, this could be quite
fast. For example, you'd only need to look for words beginning and ending with
certain letters.

Incidentally, thanks for bringing the INSTR FN to my attention; I didn't even
know that it exists. I was writing my own parser for this sort of thing.

If this isn't the kind of thing you are looking to do, then I don't know how to
help you.

Hope you're enjoying a nice day,

Joe Wilkins

Phil Yates wrote:

> Two problems.
> Problem 1 :
> I have a text string, something like :
> "Speedbird 123 is airborne from Heathrow, Heading 270 Degrees, Over."
> Now, Macintalk, although generally very good, has minor problems with some
> words, and I want to substitute phonetic words for the words it can't
> handle.
> So if I have a Text string - say Temp$ - I want to check if it contains
> words I know it doesn't like, and substitute phonetics.
> Let's say that I have 50 "iffy" words - can anyone suggest a FAST procedure
> whereby I can check Temp$, and substitute as necessary. Or do I have to do
> an INSTR with each iffy word, and then laboriously switch it out ?
> Problem 2 :
> I have so much going on that MacinTalk seems to load and then unload itself
> every time I want to say something - so that often, the first utterance is
> stuttered. It must be possible to load all the MacinTalk Resources into RAM,
> but which resources should I copy and paste into my application, and make
> them preloadable ? Any experts out there ?
> TIA,
> Phil.
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