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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 05:07:00 -0800
Mornin' all

Here is a little warning that may save you a BIG headache and MUCH 

If you send somebody a set of code .. Be sure that the files installed in 
the Program Manager are the ones you think they are .. 'Cause THEY MIGHT 
NOT be

I sent Bill Michael a program's code .. And it wouldn't run for him ..

I KNEW it was good as I had double checked the Compact ..

Trouble was .. I had moved my files around and reworked some of them .. 

By accident I had moved one file out of the folder .. But it was still in 
the Project manager

So when I compacted it .. then extracted a copy to verify it was a good 
compact .. It ran perfect .. It was reading the "Missing File" from 
ANOTHER hard drive ..

BTW: it was a 2.15mg program .. SO that was a LOT of wasted Up Load & 
Down Load

So I went through the program code .. And renamed and re installed it 
into the Project Manager to be sure that the Code in the folder was the 
code that was installed in the Project Manager .. And re sent the code .. 

Poor old Bill has another BIG down load this morning because of that ..

I'll Bet the farm that this will also apply to any code posted on a Web 
Site ..

The code you "Post On The Web Site" may run for you .. But not run for 
someone who Down Loads it .. 

Jim Henson,The Vegas Swede, (^_^) s aplenty

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