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From: Jamin <benjamen@...>
Date: 16 Nov 99 15:29:57 +1100
         Reply to:   RE: [FB] Re:FB^3 Plot Icon families

Dabs wrote:
>After trying to add the icon include in the runtime it appears it is not >finished.  I went back to the following standby that has worked well for >plotting icl8 icons in FB2 but does not work in fb3.  Anybody know why???

I gave all vars a proper type, changed the rect DIM,
fixed the call to FN PlotIcon, and it worked for me:

>DIM rrect.8
>CALL SETRECT(rrect,0,0,500,500)
>id% = 128
>CALL SETRECT(rrect,100,100,132,132)
>FOR loop% = 0 TO 7
>FN PlotIcon(rrect,0,loop%,id%)
>CALL OFFSETRECT(rrect,40,0)