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From: FluxerIIxi@...
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 22:29:33 EST
OK time for the young one to have a shot at this, here is a nice little code 
(in a self contained FN, it will scroll the credits over a background for you 
and loops them, might be too slow, but that can be ajusted.... 


In a message dated 11/17/99 4:05:04 PM, tedd@... writes:

>Hi gang:
>As I promised, the below link will provide you with my latest creation
>lives! -- it lives!), namely "Quarters".
>   http://www.sperling.com/Quarters.sit
>Please review this program and give me your honest thoughts. I won't tell
>you any more about the program, because I want all of you to have a "fresh
>I look forward to your comments, opinions and recommendations (I think).
>Please feel free to talk openly via this list. After all, this is a FB
>If any of you have things you would like to donate to this program (i.e.,
>artwork, sounds, ect.), I am most receptive to those sort of things
>because, as you can observe, I have the creativity of an earthworm.
>I still need to add a "list of credits" to the critter and this is your
>chance to join (aren't I sneaky) those many magnificent others who have
>graced my way with their talents -- as soon as I figure out how to do
>scrolling credits over a static graphic -- could use some help on that
>In any event, please don't distribute the program until it finishes beta
>testing -- which is what you're doing now (oh cheap me). As soon as I fix
>all of what you people find, you may distribute the resultant program as
>you will -- which is what I want.
>Thanks to all.