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From: FluxerIIxi@...
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 00:50:57 EST
A word of warning, it doesn't work IF the graphic is more then 400 pixels 
(300 for sure) and therefore maybe on some other configuration it will 
crash-- now I have to look into it because i may add that FN (a lot smaller 
for processor time sake) to my program..

In a message dated 11/18/99 9:11:31 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
kshmidheiser@... writes:

<< Thanks, Matt and everyone else who offered suggestions. This one works!
 p.s. Glad to see your coding genius is still intact. Hang with us in 
 FB^3... it will get better-- if not more structured-- as time goes 
 by. Chaos is bad. Order is good.