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From: Craig Hoyt <aztech4mac@...>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 10:00:01 -0800
<Chris Young wrote>

>Check PDI (www.pdisales.com) to see what they have. Anymore, it seems
>like anything under about 4G is really hard to find! Pricing on the 4.5
>Gb IBMs had been $199 for internal.


Last year I purchased a 9Gig drive from PDI. Less than a year later
the>drive failed. I contacted Quantum to have drive repaired. Quantum told
that the drive was an evaluation drive and was not meant for resale. They
also explained that they probably sold me a used drive. It's been three
and>a half months and they still have not made good on the drive. DO NOT BUY

Also to all on the list... All drive manufactures have discontinued
production of '50 pin' SCSI drives. As the largest market for these drives
has been the Macintosh computer and Apple is no longer providing the
technology for these drives in all current models, it was the only business
thing to do. Nubus Macs that don't already have a fast & wide SCSI card are
in trouble and it might not make sense to purchase a PCI fast & wide card
and drive for PPC Macs just to>keep alive. Start saving your pennies for
that new G4.

Sorry for the rant but if it saves one other person from being screwed by
these people I think it's worth it.

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