[futurebasic] [X-FB] Cave Dig Beta (take 2)

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From: FluxerIIxi@...
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 20:54:55 EST
I did get a report of Cave Dig crashing on quit so this new version may fix 
that. Wow what a day of programming it has been. First off I love LONG FNs 
but decided  to let them go and replace them with LOCAL FNs. Also now all 
variables have been DIM'ed (used _dimAllVars or whatever constant) and the 
results are really good. The couple memory bugs that I had were gone. Those 

Resume took user to cave 112 for no reason
Selecting Game Speed - 1 then - 9 actually checks the correct checkbox

That was fixed just from doing the above, so cool. I am still testing this 
out myself, as the game bombed out for a good while, but now it appears to be 
in good order. The reason I did this is because my own copy of Cave Dig 2 
corrupted itself and wouldn't display a picture correctly and had some 
unexpected things happen.


Thankyou to those that help, please reply to MattBeedle@...

Now i have found some stuff that I am going to work on
 - route all keypresses for activating buttons to FN GETKEYS
 - break up a couple .INCL's now that the 700 line LOCAL FN with about 30 
LONG FNs is turned into all LOCAL FNs