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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 08:36:03 -0600
>     Robert Purves wrote:
>>  _size is used, not always consistently, in the FB^3
>>  Constants help file to indicate the length or "size" of a
>>  record. Thus in the following, an FsSpec (known for some
>>  reason in FB as FsspecRecord) occupies 70 bytes, and a
>>  MidiclkinfoRecord occupies 8 bytes.
>     Once I saw that "_size" seemed to have a million-and-seven 
>different values
>assigned to it, I stopped noticing anything else about the thing (such as the
>fact that many of these "_size" constants actually represent the total size of
>the associated record).  Doh!
>     I think I know now how to tell when a "_size" constant isn't 
>really a constant.
>     Staz wrote:
>>  FB^3 now uses true records so that you can reuse the same
>>  item in several records. However, the old style constants
>>  (tho some are actually incorrect) need to remain in place
>>  for people converting old FBII programs.
>     If I understand you, what you are saying is that is that I should create
>and use proper records rather than being a pinhead and just PEEKing 
>and POKEing
>into a pseudo ("myBlackHole.128") record structure.  By default, this means
>that I'll be creating my own record offset constants and I will no longer have
>to worry about those constants that seem to have been assigned way 
>too many values.


>     I'm guessing that this also means that with the exception of those few
>possibly "incorrect" constants that Staz mentioned as being listed in the FB^3
>on-line help program, most of the other non-record constants are 
>probably correct.

The FBII set of constants (listed in the on-line help and embedded 
for backward compatibility) are a requirement that we can't discard. 
However, if you create (or if we creat in the header files) a real 
record, then you know for a fact that use the same offset name in 
several different records and they will never be confused.


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