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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 22:02:23 -0800
Hi All,

About 25 years ago, I invented and received a Design Patent and Copyrights on a
Game I called Astro-Chess. This was also about the time that Pacman came on the
scene. Though I manufactured and sold sets in 30 States and 8 foreign countries,
it was not a financial success and I could see the future was in Video rather
than conventional board games. Of course this was all pre-mac, pre-pc, just about
pre-everything.  *=}

As most of you know, Chess is a strategy game played by but two people - head to
head. It is really a very easy game, so it has been complicated by forward
planning. It's simple enough that you can do that. And it has been the subject of
a variety of computer programs/games since the inception of computer technology.
Graphically, it is also a fairly simple game, using a checkered, rectangular
gaming surface.

Astro-Chess, on the contrary, is a fairly complex game. It may be played by two,
three or four people, in the latter case it may be either cut-throat (each person
out to win for themselves) or partners - two players aligned with one another to
beat the other two players AND it is played on a large (30" diameter), circular,
5 color playing surface of a special configuration.

Each player has 18 game pieces, initially aligned in a pie-shaped wedge.
 Sun - somewhat equivalent to the Queen in Regular Chess
 Moon - somewhat equivalent to the King in ditto
 Mercury Direct - something like the White Bishop
 Mercury Retrograde - something like the Black Bishop
 Venus Direct - something like the White Castle
 Venus Retrograde - something like the Black Castle

 Mars & Pluto
 Jupiter & Neptune
 Saturn & Uranus

Each of the above pairs has related special movements something like Horses, but
totally different

 6 Pieces like Pawns that represent the Nodes and Arabian Parts

The game is so much more complex than ordinary chess and it cannot realistically
be pre-planned to any great extent, especially when playing partners; so it is
more a social game, each player making a move at a time and having to wait until
the other (in some cases) 2 or 3 players have made their moves; but a game that
teaches many of the same aspects of ordinary chess.

With the Key Game Piece being the Moon, the object of the game is to "Eclipse the
Moon" (check-mate). A "Partial Eclipse", with an escape route possible, is the
equivalent to "Checking". Essentially, the game is played "like" chess in that
pieces are captured until an "Eclipse" can be brought about. The main difference
is in Partnership games where Player's pieces may collaborate with one another in
blocking, protecting and, finally, in "Eclipsing".

Since it was originally a merger of Chess and Astrology (I've been a serious
student of that segment of man's efforts to look into the future and understand
the past and present for a major portion of my life), I had been planning to
inject a bit of fun-type "fortune-telling" into the game as an option, but never
got around to it due to the very complex nature of the basic game without this
additional feature. In a computer version, I will probably choose to implement
this feature.

To make a long story short, I am planning to do a computer version of this game
and am trying to decide whether to tackle 3D or not. My reason for putting this
on the list is to determine whether any of you have had experience with 3D in the
FB language and using which ToolBox Libraries. A number of years ago, I dabbled
with 3D in TML Pascal, but have had neither the time nor the energy to do
anything about it recently.

Input anyone?

Joe Wilkins