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From: Charlie Dickman <charlied@...>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 20:05:55 -0500
>Charlie Dickman wrote:
>  > >  > Fellow FBers,
>  > >  >
>  > >  > If I have an icon bitmap in memory how do I display it in a rect on
>  > >  > the screen? Is it a copybits call? If so, what are the bitmap
>  > >  > parameters? Do I have to (somehow) put it into a GWorld first? If so,
>  > >  > how? Does it go nicely into an edit field? How?
>  > >  >
>  > >  > Any info will be greatly appreciated.
>  >
>  > Thanks to everyone who responded to my plea but I'm afraid I confused
>  > the situation by using the word "icon". What I have is a bitmap
>  > retrieved from the desktop database via PBDTGetIcon. It is not a
>  > resource that can be drawn with DRAWCICON or any other routine
>  > intended to dray icon resources. Nor is it a PICT resource or a
>  > picture created with PICTURE ON/OFF.
>  >
>  > I tried specifying the handle to PICTURE FIELD and get an empty
>  > picture field. If i feed the handle to COPYBITS I get a memory access
>  > crash (even though the FBII Handbook says that COPYBITS can handle
>  > bitmaps (I'm probably feeding it the wrong address via #hndl&+2)).
>  > Can anybody suggest a next move?
>Hi Charlie,
>According to IM, you ARE retrieving the bitmap for an Icon that represents a
>file of a given type and creator. It is described in detail in IM: More
>Macintosh Toobox, page 9-12. I'm using the Toolbox Assistant onscreen version
>myself. I could not locate PBDTGetIcon in the Toolbox calls, so I wonder if,
>perhaps, it is not supported by FB - II or 3. However, it appears that, before
>you call this FN, you need to load the PB with certain information so it knows
>what you're looking for, and the bitMap is then returned in the ioDTBuffer,
>which is a "pointer" to a buffer that holds the icon's data. To test whether
>your call worked you should be able to read the ioResult. This is all "fairly"
>complex. Are you sure you set up everything properly in the first place? I
>suspect you've been trying to display invalid data.
>Joe Wilkins


PBDTGetIcon is not directly supported by FBII. I am using the following code...

LOCAL FN PBDTGetIcon(@DTPBlock&, asynch%)
   DIM osErr%
   LONG IF asynch%
     `  MOVE.L    ^DTPBlock&,A0
     `  MOVE.W    #$0023,D0
     `  DC.W      $A660
     `  MOVE.W    D0,^osErr%
     `  MOVE.L    ^DTPBlock&,A0
     `  MOVE.W    #$0023,D0
     `  DC.W      $A260
     `  MOVE.W    D0,^osErr%
END FN = osErr%

I have loaded the necessary parameters into the DTPblock and have 
verified them on both input and output via MacsBug. I have verified 
that I get the appropriate -5012 error code when I ask for an APPL 
that is not in the DTDB and that I get a 0 return code and data shows 
up in my ioDTBuffer that doesn't show up when the return code is 
-5012. I have also verified that the osERR returned by the function 
call matches the ioResult returned in the DTPBlock. Everything checks 

It's taken quite a bit to get this far and I'm sure that I'm missing 
something that's likely quite simple but it confounds me.

The data that comes back in the ioDTBuffer looks like a bitmap image 
- the trick remains to display the image (sigh). And while it is the 
bitmap of an icon the routines to plot icons won't work because it IS 

Charlie Dickman