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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 16:26:14 -0600
>  >>I'm only getting one BEEP in the below example.
>>Limit the number of parameters passed to a function to 7.
>>-STAZ    ~)~
>Whew! What a throwaway line!  The message arrived just as I was puzzling
>why a program converted from FBII worked in 68K but not in PPC. It provided
>the solution: two of my FNs had 9 parameters. On investigating, it seems
>that more than 7 parameters is always OK in 68K and sometimes but _not_
>always in PPC. The governing rules are unclear (as well as being

You can have 8 params in PPC unless you have more than 32K of vars. 
After that, you can only have 7.


-STAZ    ~)~

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