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From: Hans Törnqvist <hans@...>
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 09:50:06 +0100
Hi Sean,
With PowerPrint you can use the selected printer in the server with background
printing on. Make an alias of the Spool Master folder in the server and copy
it to the clients and replace there Spool Master folder with the alias (delete
the name alias). Of course yoy must have installed printer driver on the
client with background printing on. Now you can print through the printer
driver on the server.
Hope this help


Sean -G3- wrote:

> Have any of you created or used a network print server for the Macintosh?
> I would like the clients to use a chooser extension to send jobs to the
> server. The server would then print the jobs through whatever printer is
> selected in its chooser.
> Most print servers bring up a list of Postscript printers available on
> the current appletalk network. They do not print through the printer
> selected in the server's chooser. I want the jobs printed through the
> printer in the server's chooser because this allows ANY printer with a
> Mac driver to be used; whether it is USB, Serial, Ethernet, or Localtalk.
> Further, the printer is not required to have Postscript.
> Adobe Print Central, PowerPrint, EpsonShare, StylusRIP, Birmy PowerRIP,
> and StyleScript all print through their own list of printers -- not
> whatever printer is selected in the server's chooser. Mabye someone on
> the list has made such a program. I would make this server if I had
> example code for a print driver (for any printer) to work off of, but,
> alas, I cannot find one for FB.
> It is actually an extremely simple idea. The client's chooser extension
> would just capture the print job to a PICT file instead of sending it to
> the printer. Then, it would send the file over Appletalk or TCP/IP to the
> server. The server would simply print it like any old PICT file.
> Sean McLaughlin
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