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From: Ian Mann <i.mann@...>
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 08:59:11 +0000
Hi Sean heres what I did.

I had an FB application running on about 30 Macs. The application dealt

Receipt of enquiries
Receipt of Orders
Order Acknowledgements
Invoices Shipping docs etc
Part Specifications
Part and Job Costings etc.

Some of these items required different stationery. For instance Labels
would print on a tractor. Invoices were on 5 part carbon on another
tractor. Job Orders were wanted to print out in the factory office.

Instead of printing I created a file on the server made up of records :

DIM RECORD PrintObject
  DIM NumCops%
  DIM ObjType%
  DIM ObjLeft%
  DIM ObjTop%
  DIM ObjRight%
  DIM ObjBottom%
  DIM ObjFont%
  DIM ObjSize%
  DIM ObjStyle%
  DIM 254 ObjText$
  DIM ObjTextStart&
  DIM ObjTextLength&
DIM END RECORD _PrintObjectLen

The individual printers had individual folders on the server, and had a
print utility running on them which checked the folder every minute or
so. If there was a file present it printed it on its printer.

I did all this because I couldn't take control of the chooser, or reset
it externally.

I used old Classics as the print slaves and they worked fine.